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Today its easy color prediction trick

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we r also conducting pubg room matches interested can join in our WhatsApp group to get upadtes on matches. link given below,聽…Today you’ll learn very easy color prediction card trick!

It requires only little set up and few other things you can either buy or make on your own.

Are you ready to learn it? Yes Then continue reading!


This new colours prediction game japan trick requires little preparation – take your blank cards and mark them with colors – the first card you show to spectator will be marked just by one color that you!ll predict, other cards will be marked by same matching color one one side and random colors on the opposite side book clubs hub(also shown in video below).

Step by step

– Show your cards to spectator – be careful to show them only from m apex elevation jacket just one side so that spectator can’t see what you prepared

– Place cards inside the book ipad – again be careful to place them from a direction where spectator will see only the prediction color after you turn over the book (please refer to video below for more details)

– After all cards are placed inside the book, ask spectator to select cards that bonin clubs reviewshould be removed

– When you have just one card left inside the book, flip it over and reveal that your prediction matches with color that is left

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